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Egg processing equipment

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 Eggs grading packing machine


Precision: ±0.5g

Material: Stainless Steel or Carbon steel

Voltage: 220V / 380V

Power: 5KW

Certification: ISO9001, CE

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Full Data

Introduction of poultry egg grading packing machine
1. This egg grading machine is specialized for grading eggs, no matter hen eggs, duck eggs or any other eggs.
2. This egg grading machine makes the efficiency of putting egg by artificial to the extreme.
3. It is flexible, accurate grading, reliable quality, easy to maintain.
4. It is electro-classification on weights, convenient and accurate.
5. It adopts professional design, strengthening all the parts, rich durability, easy, accurate classification.
6. Small grader, smart and convenient for all levels of egg processing industries.

Feature of poultry egg grading packing machine
1. Grading packing machine is 304 stainless steel made with good corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
2. This production line can be used for eggs optical inspection, disinfection, cleaning, drying, marking, oil injection, grading process.
3. Humanized design, low operating costs, high adaptability.
4. English interface with intelligent touch screen, English menu, user-friendly design and easy operation.
5. Computer controlled thermostat setting, do not need manual adjustment of water temperature and air temperature.
6. 304 Stainless steel made, easy cleaning and maintenance.
7. Production line is equipped with head size adjustment device, so print out a more uniform appearance egg.
8. The brush with long-lasting wear, brush dosage can be adjusted during use.
9. Fully automated cleaning, clean and fast; electronic weight grade, easy and accurate.
10. Candling egg quality, automatic sprinkler detergent and warm water, hot air drying system.
11. Microcomputer automatic technical monitoring function to facilitate the management of modern enterprises.
12. The oil injection and printing systems are optional.

Basic operation of poultry egg grading packing machine
Usually only five grades and 5400 pcs/h may produce regret to some clients. But it doesn’t matter,the combination of Egg grading machines and conveyor belt will solve this problem and greatly increase production. Productivity is up to 10000 pcs/h, 20000 pcs/h and more.
1. workers can load the eggs onto the conveying and sequence collating belt manually or by vacuum egg lifter (optical).
2. the conveying belt and sequence collating belt will transport all the eggs into the egg candling all the eggs will be checked by the transmitted light then experienced workers can select out the damaged eggs.
3. the rollers on the egg graders will transport all the eggs onto the mechanical egg weighing the system will weigh all the eggs.
4. eggs of different weight will fall onto different lanes on the egg collecting belt, thus, workers should collect eggs from different lanes onto different egg trays.

Technical Data

Model LV-EG300
Capacity 25000-30000 pcs/h
Overall Dimension 9200mm*690mm*1550mm
Power 5KW
Rated Voltage 380V 50HZ
Net Weight 3500kg
Graders 6
Range 30-90g




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