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chicken equipment

Automatic poultry equipment

Automatic-egg-collection-system in poultry farming

Automatic egg collection equipment

Automatic egg collection system Rated Power: 0.75~3.0kw Egg collecting quantity/H: more than 3000 pcs Belt ...
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Environmental Control System

Environmental Control system Rated Voltage: 380v Motor Speed: 1400r/min Air flow: 22000-55800m³/h Thermal efficiency: 80% Noise:≤75db Get ...
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Gantry automatic feeding machine

Gantry feeding automatic machine Type: Horizontal Hopper:6/8 Walking speed:8 m/minute Motor : 1.1 kw Feed flow: ...
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autoamtic poultry feeding system of poultry farming

Ladder type automatic feeding machine

Ladder type automatic feeding machine Type: A type, H type Tiers:3, 4 tiers Walking speed:8 m/minute ...
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automatic-manure-removal-system in poultry farming

Manure removal equipment

Gantry feeding automatic machine Conveyor raw materials: PP and PE Thickness: 1.1mm / 1.2mm / ...
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