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battery chicken cage
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 Layer chicken battery cage system

Type: A-type and H-type

Tiers: 3tier or 4 tier and up

Lifespan: 15-20 Years

Material: International Q235 steel

Raising quality: >5000

Egg breaking rate: ≤0.3‰

Supporting System: Automatic Egg Collection System,Automatic Feeding System,Automatic Drinking System,Automatic Manure Cleaning System,Environment Control System

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Battery layer chicken cages

The battery layer chicken cage is a type of poultry battery cage system,which has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, high automation equipment, low input cost, and quick harvest. Customers can choose layer cages with automatic or high automation equipment according to their needs. It is more suitable for the use of 5,000 – 20,000 laying hens in a single chicken house.

battery chicken cage system for layer
A Type Battery Chicken Cage and H Type Layer Chicken Cage

A-type battery layer chicken cage

A-type battery layer cages are loved and used by farmers all over the world. It can be placed in open or closed chicken house, and farmers can choose semi-automatic or automatic according to user needs. The complete battery cage system includes egg collection equipment, drinking water equipment, manure removal equipment, feeding equipment, and ventilation equipment. It is always made into 3 or 4 tiers, and a group of chicken cages can feed 90/96/120/128/160 chickens.

battery chicken cage for layer
Automatic layer chicken cagesystem

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  • Reasonably use the area of the chicken houseto increase the number of chickens and high land utilization.
  • The hot-dip galvanizing process has a service life of 15-20 years.
  • Use international Q235 steel, strong and durable.
  • The overlap is small, so the chicken house can be better ventilated, and can be used in open or closed chicken houses according to customer needs.
  • The manure removal equipment can be scraper type or manure conveyor belt type.
  • The eggs will not break or fall out of the cage, reducing the rate of broken eggs.

H-type layer chicken cage

Choosing the H-type battery layer chicken cage requires fully automatic equipment, because the upper and lower tiers completely overlap, generally 3-5 tiers. There is a large gap between the upper and lower tiers, and the manure holding board is installed inside to facilitate the removal of manure. It can be raised in one house with large capacity, reducing land area and construction cost. The closed chicken house is equipped with an intelligent environmental control system to create a suitable environmental temperature for the chickens. A fully automatic chicken house can be managed by 2 workers.

automatic layer chicken cage system
8 tier battery layer cage system

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  • High degree of automation, can automatically collect eggs, clean manure, water supply, clean manure, etc.
  • The cage net is made of Q235 international steel wire, with a smooth surface, no damage to chicken feet, corrosion resistance, and long service life.
  • The cage structure is very stable, with many fulcrums, and the entire cage system has no welding.
  • The automatic feeding hopper is fully enclosed to avoid dust and reduce the occurrence of chicken respiratory diseases.
  • The egg collection system has strong egg collection ability, and the damage rate is less than 0.3%.
  • The manure is processed on time, the chicken growth environment is good, and the chicken disease is reduced.

    Automatic chicken farming equipment system:

  • Automatic feeding system: The feeding process all the use of automated control, it can adjust the amount of materials. It prevents the waste of feed.
  • Automatic drinking system: High-quality water drinking cups, pressure valves and 360-degree drinking nipples can effectively prevent the water leakage and drinking system adopt the closed piping system, which can minimize the water pollution.
  • Automatic egg collecting system: Perfect roll out angle of the bottom mesh minimize the breakage. It has a powerful ability to collect eggs, collecting up to 20000 eggs per hour, collecting and conveying eggs between different chicken sheds.
  • Automatic manure removing system: The conveyor belt type is suitable for both A-type cages and H-type cages, which can reduce the labor intensity and labor cost, keep the chicken shed dry and clean.
  • Central integrated control system: This system is a modular system which manages all aspects of a poultry house, such as climate, temperature, feeding, drinking, weighing and ventilation system. The management computer is the core of the poultry farm for you to monitor the whole poultry farm easily.

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