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The automatic poultry battery chicken cage system is partly made of galvanized sheet and Q235 international steel. The surface galvanized cover of these materials has reached high standards. It is becoming the most popular and best choice for poultry farms all over the world.


Our poultry farming equipment includes layer cage system, broiler cage system and brooding system. In order to allow farmers to better manage the chicken coop. We can provide auxiliary equipment including: automatic drinking water system, automatic feeding system, automatic ventilation system, automatic egg collection system, automatic manure removal system, etc. The use of these equipment can reduce labor costs and help farmers create more economic benefits.

The battery cage system is a kind of cage that keeps poultry, especially laying hens, in the same row and column. This makes it easier to feed and collect eggs. It allows the laying eggs to roll out of the cage to the receiving trough. The food container is placed outside the cage, and the water is supplied through a pipe with a drinking spout.


The use of automated chicken raising systems can save chickens energy, thereby increasing production levels. The chicken coop can provide a comfortable and stable environment. Farmers can easily calculate the stock of chickens. The chicken manure discharged from the battery cage system is much easier to handle. Because the feces can fall on the floor or on the carrying belt that is cleaned regularly. The use of automated egg collection equipment will make it easier for farmers to collect eggs without disturbing the chickens.

Providing customers with high-quality chicken farming equipment is our company’s philosophy. With more than 20 years of experience in chicken cage design and production, we focus on product details and quality. We have made outstanding achievements and our products have been exported to more than 60 countries.