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Shipment of poultry equipment for Nigerian 20,000 egg layers

20,000 egg layers poultry equipment are shipped to Nigeria

Since establishment, LIVI Machinery has built friendly partnership with poultry farmers over 80 countries above the world, especially in Nigeria.

Deeply trusted by Nigerian poultry farmers, they choose LIVI Machinery to start their poultry farming business.

The following is a specific case of shipment of poultry equipment for Nigerian 20,000 egg layers.

Country: Nigeria

Birds quantity: 10000 birds per shed & two sheds

Chicken shed size: 68M*8M*2.5M(L*W*H)

Layout: 3 rows per shed, each row put 22 sets cage system

shipment of poultry equipment
shipment of poultry equipment to Nigeria
shipment of poultry equipment to Nigeria

According to the specific size of our customer Mr. R’s chicken house and his quantity, we deeply discuss the solution. Ultimately, we design the most reasonable solution for him. We recommend A type chicken layer cage system for Mr. R.  

List of LIVI Machinery customer purchased:

132 sets A type egg layer cage system 

1 set automatic drinking system

2 sets feeding trolley feeding machine

1 sets automatic feed crusher and mixer machine

Importance of poultry equipment for Nigerian farmers

Shipment of poultry equipment mainly creates an environment conducive to the growth of poultry. These tools will help farmers maintain the ideal conditions for laying hens to grow, ensuring their health and maximizing their productivity.

Poultry equipment is not just about increasing egg production. It has also enabled Nigerian farmers to raise their capacity. With modern equipment, farmers can streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately increase their profitability. By embracing these advances, they have the potential to take their poultry farms to new heights.

With increased egg production, improved quality and farmers’ empowerment, Nigeria can make significant progress in meeting its domestic demand for eggs.

The shipment of poultry equipment for Nigerian 20,000 egg layers  highlights the exciting progress being made in agriculture. And LIVI Machinery is very glad to be an assistance to Nigerian agriculture development.

Whether you’re a poultry breeder, a farmer, or just someone interested in the world of agriculture, please contact us LIVI Machinery. We can be a capable assistant for you!