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 Raise 33,000 broilers in South Africa using equipment of  LIVI Machinery

With the development of poultry farming, many poultry farmers choose poultry cages and automatic farming equipment to raise chickens. There is one of the successful cases about raising 33,000 broilers in South Africa using LIVI equipment.

Raise 33,000 broilers in South Africa with LIVI equipment

LIVI Machinery, with over 30 years of experience in poultry farming,  has established partnership with over 80 countries above the world. What’s more, poultry farming equipment of LIVI Machinery are commonly accepted by poultry farmers there.

There is a successful case of our customer. He raise 33,000 broilers in South Africa, and he wisely choose poultry equipment supplier LIVI. He choose our H type battery cage system and complete set of automation equipment.

Battery Broiler Chicken Cage Specifications
TypeDoor/TierBirds Qty/DoorBirds Qty/SetSpecification
 H-type3-tier 1-door171021050mm*800mm*420mm

Poultry Cage: H type broiler battery cage

Automatic equipment:

The ladder type feeding machine(silo),

The conveyor belt type manure removal system,

Environment control system(ventilation fan, the cooling pad).

raise broiler in South Africa
LIVI automatic equipment in South Africa

With fully automatic equipment, the customer can raise his broilers easily. And accordint to his feedback,“since LIVI equipment, the efficiency and productivity of my chicken house are largely improved. I can also save much cost on labor.”

Considerable prospect of broiler farming in South Africa

The prospects for broiler farming in South Africa are promising. Here are some key points about the future of broiler farming in South Africa:

Strong demand: The demand for poultry meat in South Africa and the surrounding region has been growing steadily, especially for broiler products. As the population increases and living standards improve, the demand for high-quality meat products will continue to grow.

Rich resources: South Africa has a vast land and climate conditions are suitable for the region, providing favorable conditions for the development of aquaculture industry. These advantages allow South Africa to achieve large-scale broiler farming, ensuring the stability and sustainability of the product supply.

Government support: The South African Government has been committed to promoting agricultural development and food security, providing support and encouragement to the farming industry. Government policies and financial support have helped improve the level of farming technology and facilities, while also providing better market opportunities for farmers.

the conveyor type manure removal machine

Technological innovation: Continuous innovation and progress in farming technology also provide better prospects for broiler farming in South Africa. Modern equipment and technology, such as automated control systems, intelligent monitoring and precise feeding management. They can improve farming efficiency, optimize production costs, and ensure the health and quality of broiler chickens. Just like our customer who raise 33,000 broilers in South Africa, through modern equipment, in the long run, he can get more profits and benefits.

Export potential: South Africa’s broiler farming industry has export potential to supply quality poultry products to international markets. The international recognition of South Africa’s agricultural quality and safety standards has opened up new opportunities for export markets, further boosting the aquaculture industry.

The 33,000 broilers rearing is just one of the cases in successful South Africa poultry farming history. The equipment and automatic system our South Africa choose is just a reference. If you have intention to start large-scale poultry farming or want to enlarge your scale, LIVI poultry farming equipment supplier is very pleasure to serve to you.