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Raise 10,000 egg layers using LIVI equipment in Kazakhstan

We’re diving into the world of poultry farming and exploring how LIVI poultry equipment can help you raise a flock of 10,000 egg layers in the beautiful country of Kazakhstan. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, this guide will provide you with valuable insights on how to boost efficiency, improve productivity, and achieve success in your poultry venture.

Poultry farming in Kazakhstan

Poultry farming in Kazakhstan is an important sector of the agricultural industry. It involves the raising of domesticated birds, such as chickens, broilers, and brooders, for the purpose of meat or egg production. Poultry farming in Kazakhstan has seen significant growth in recent years. Because, modern facilities and technologies being implemented to improve productivity and efficiency. Raise egg layers using LIVI equipment in Kazakhstan has helped many poultry farmers get much profits. 

The country has favorable conditions for poultry farming, including ample land availability, suitable climate, and access to markets. Poultry products, such as chicken meat and eggs, are in high demand in Kazakhstan and also export to neighboring countries. The government of Kazakhstan has been supportive of the poultry industry, providing incentives and support to farmers.

raise egg layers in Kazakhstan

Raise 10,000 egg layers in Kazakhstan

Do you know how to raise 10,000 egg layers in Kazakhstan for maximum profit? There is a solution LIVI Machinery makes for our Kazakhstan customer, Mr. B. Then, this may be helpful to you.

raise 10,000  egg layers using LIVI equipment

Cage type: A type, 4 tier, 5 door, 160 birds/unit.

Chicken cage layout: 2 rows/house, 32 units/row, 64 units/house.

Size of the chicken house: 82M * 8M * 3.5M.

Total capacity of one chicken house: 10240 birds/house.

Using LIVI equipment to raise 10,000 egg layers in Kazakhstan

The above is the basic design for the chicken house. Moreover, to acquire maximum profits and improve productivity, apart from the cages, Mr. B wisely choose some automatic LIVI equipment to raise his egg layers.

It is a type of housing system for egg-laying chickens. It is designed to maximize space utilization and egg production efficiency. The battery cage system typically consists of multiple tiers of cages stacked on top of each other. It has high selectivity, poultry farmers can select related equipment according to their specific needs.

  • Automatic egg collection system

This system is a technology to automate the process of collecting eggs from laying hens. It helps to improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and minimize the risk of egg damage or contamination. This system is to gently collect eggs from the laying area and transport them to a central collection point. Besides, Mr. B choose two egg collecting machine, just two workers can complete the egg collection. It is very convenient and labor-saving.

10,000 egg layers in Kazakhstan
  • Automatic feeding system

Mr. B choose the gantry type system, which is a structure that moves along a track suspended above the chicken house. The gantry system equip with feed bins that contain the chicken feed. So, he gantry moves along the track, distributing the feed evenly to the chickens. The feed is dispensed through openings in the bottom of the bins, allowing the chickens to access it. The gantry system can distribute the feed at specific times and in specific quantities, ensuring that the chickens are fed regularly and adequately. 

  • Automatic manure removing system

Our client Mr. B choose the conveyor belt type manure removal machine. It typically consists of conveyor belt that install beneath the chicken cages or on the floor of the house. The belts design to move slowly and continuously. Then, it carrys the manure away from the chickens and depositing it in a designated area for disposal or further processing. This type of system is efficient and automated manure removal. Besides, it can reduce labor requirements, improve hygiene and cleanliness in the chicken house, and better control of odors and pests. Also, it helps to maintain a healthier environment for the chickens, as it prevents them from coming into contact with their own waste.

So there you have it, folks – a glimpse into raise 10,000 egg layers using LIVI poultry equipment in the beautiful country of Kazakhstan. From optimizing efficiency with automated systems to ensuring a comfortable environment for chicken, LIVI Machinery offers the tools and support you need to succeed in your poultry farming endeavors. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.