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Battery Cages for Broiler Chicken from LIVI Enhance Your Poultry Farming  


Imagine that you are on a thriving poultry farm. This poultry farm is fully equipped and highly automated. There are speciallized battery cages for broiler chicken. You don’t have to water and feed the broiler chickens yourself, and the broilers grow up healthily in the chicken house.

This is a modern poultry farming system. With the growth of population size, the traditional feeding mode has been difficult to meet the rapidly growing dietary needs. So the modern poultry farming system came into being. In the modern poultry world, cages play a vital role in ensuring optimal space utilization, hygiene and overall productivity.

Our company, LIVI, is a revolutionary company at the forefront of innovation. LIVI offers state-of-the-art cages specially designed to improve broiler farming. In this article we explore the challenges of traditional farming, introduce LIVI and highlight why their battery cages for broiler chicken are important to revamp your poultry farm.

Traditional raising VS Modern battery cages for broiler chicken

cages for broiler chicken

  • Lack of space: Traditional raising methods often provide limited space for broiler chickens to move and express their natural behaviors.
  • Higher risk of disease: The close proximity of chickens in traditional raising systems increases the risk of disease transmission.
  • Difficulty in managing waste: Traditional raising methods may result in the accumulation of waste, including manure, feathers, and bedding materials.
  • Increased labor requirements: Due to the lack of automation and less efficient design, traditional raising methods often involve more labor-intensive tasks. Such as manually feeding chickens and cleaning the housing areas.Lack of space: Traditional raising methods often provide limited space for broiler chickens to move and express their natural behaviors.
  • Efficient use of space: Battery cages for broiler chicken allow for a higher density of chickens within a limited area. It enable efficient space utilization and potential higher yields.
  • Enhanced disease control: The confinement in broiler battery cages reduces the risk of disease transmission. As it limits contact between birds and their waste.
  • Improved waste management: The design of battery cages for broiler chicken facilitates the collection and removal of waste, promoting better hygiene and reducing the risk of disease spread. It also allows for easier separation and disposal of waste materials.

Broiler Battery Cages from LIVI

Cages for broiloer chicken

Type: H-Type

Tiers: 3-4 Tiers

Applicable Industries: Poultry Farms

Use: Broiler Chicken

Specification: 1050mm*800mm*420mm.

Raw material: International Q235 bridge-steel.

Anti-corrosion treatment process: Aluminum-zinc alloy, Hot-dip galvanized.

Life Time: 15-20 Years

Certification: ISO 9001,SONCAP,CE.


High degree of automation: The cages for broiler chicken are designed with automated systems for feeding and, reducing the need for manual intervention and saving labor costs.

Land resource efficiency: Broiler battery cages allow for vertical stacking, maximizing the use of limited land resources and increasing the stocking density compared to traditional flat housing systems.

Energy-saving benefits: The design of broiler chicken cages enables efficient of energy, resulting in reduced energy consumption compared to other housing methods.

Labor cost reduction: automated feeding and watering systems, broiler battery cages require less manual labor, resulting in cost savings for poultry farmers.

Drug cost savings: The controlled environment of broiler cages minimizes the spread diseases, reducing the need for costly medications and treatments.

Feed savings: The feeding system iniler cages is designed to minimize feed wastage and provide accurate feeding quantities, leading to efficient feed utilization and cost savings.

Clean and hygienic environment: Broilers in cages do not come into direct contact with feces, promoting a cleaner and hygienic environment. Additionally, automatic manure cleaning equipment helps cleanliness in the house.

Improved air quality: Battery cages for broiler chicken are equipped with ventilation systems that good air circulation. It creates favorable environmental conditions for the healthy growth of broilers and reducing the risk of disease outbreaks.

Specifiction of battrey cages for broiler chicken

Cages for broiler chicken
Battery Broiler Chicken Cage Specifications
TypeDoor/TierBirds Qty/DoorBirds Qty/SetSpecification
  H-type3-tier 1-door171021050mm*800mm*420mm
4-tier 1-door171361050mm*800mm*420mm

Case of Broiler Chicken Cages Study

One of our customer has a chicken house with dimensions of 82 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 3.5 meters in height. They intend to raise 20,000 broilers in this space and have specific requirements for the project – high automation, easy operation, and moderate pricing.

To meet these requirements, a design plan has been proposed. It includes the usage of four floors and one door, with each floor having the capacity to accommodate 136 broiler chicken cages. The cages will be arranged in a 4*37 formation, allowing for efficient space utilization.

To ensure automation and ease of operation, the design incorporates several related equipment systems. These include an automatic drinking water system to provide a constant supply of clean water for the broilers, a gantry feeding system for automated feed distribution, a flat belt manure cleaning system to remove waste efficiently, and an environmental control system to regulate temperature, ventilation, and lighting conditions within the chicken house.

The customer has expressed their satisfaction with the proposed design, indicating that it meets their expectations for automation, simplicity, and affordability.

Why Choose LIVI

  • Durable and Long-lasting: LI constructs its broiler chicken cages using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Our cages are built to withstand the challenging conditions of poultry farming, providing you with a reliable housing that will serve you for years to come.
  • Customizable Options: LIVI every farm has unique requirements. We offer customizable options for our broiler battery cages, allowing you to tailor the design to your specific needs. From cage size to the number of tiers, we accommodate your preferences to create an optimized housing system.
  • Expert Support: With LIV, you don’t just get top-quality battery cages, but also access to our team of poultry farming experts. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer support, including assistance with installation, maintenance, addressing any concerns or questions you may have along the way.

By choosing LIVI’s broiler battery cages, you can enhance your poultry farming operation with efficient space utilization. What’s more, It can also enhance animal welfare, easy management, durability, customization options, and expert support. Take your broiler chicken production to heights with LIVI.


In conclusion, the use of battery cages for broiler chickens offers numerous benefits and advantages over traditional raising methods. LIVI’s broiler battery cages provide a safe, efficient and humane environment for the chickens, maximizing space utilization and promoting their overall well-being. The of these cages are designed to meet the specific needs of broiler chickens, ensuring optimal growth and development. The case study presented in this article further demonstrates the positive impact of using LIVI broiler chicken cages on poultry farming operations. With their reliable and durable design, LIVI a trusted solution for poultry farmers looking to enhance their operations. By choosing LIVI, farmers can improve productivity and profitability while ensuring the welfare of their broiler chickens. In conclusion, LIVI’s broiler battery cages are a smart investment for modern poultry farming.