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A Case of Broiler Battery Cages in Nigeria

At LIVI, customer satisfaction is our priority. We take pride in providing customized broiler battery cages solutions that exceed expectations, as one satisfied Nigerian farmer attests: ‘The broiler cage system provided by LIVI transformed my poultry farming operation. So, let’s delve into the details of their success story and how our tailored solutions made all the difference.

Customer Needs: Customized Broiler Cage System

Our customer is a Nigerian farmer who has embarked on the endeavor of raising 20,000 broiler chickens. Their chicken house spans an area of 85 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and 3.8 meters in height. Notably, this is their first time utilizing broiler cage farming equipment, as they have previously employed traditional free-range methods.

The customer has expressed two key requirements for their broiler farming operation. Firstly, they seek a high degree of automation to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Secondly, they desire equipment that is user-friendly and easy to operate, taking into account their limited experience with broiler cage systems.

With these specifications in mind, we aim to provide them with an optimal solution that aligns with their needs, ensuring a successful transition into broiler cage farming.

The Design of Broiler Battery Cages in Nigeria

Battery Broiler Chicken Cage Specifications
TypeDoor/TierBirds Qty/DoorBirds Qty/SetSpecification
  H-type3-tier 1-door171021050mm*800mm*420mm
4-tier 1-door171361050mm*800mm*420mm
  • Our customer aims to raise 20,000 broiler chickens in a chicken house measuring 85 * 15 * 3.8 meters. He is transitioning from traditional free-range farming to broiler battery cages farming. To meet the specific requirements of our customer, we have carefully designed the following solution:
  • Adoption of H-type broiler cages: We propose the use of H-type broiler cages, with each cage capable of accommodating 136 chickens. This design ensures optimal space utilization. What’s more, it allows for better air circulation within the chicken house, promoting a healthy and comfortable environment for the broilers.
  • Layout arrangement: The broiler battery cages will be arranged in a 4 * 37 configuration. This layout provides efficient use of space, easy access to the cages for management and maintenance purposes, and facilitates effective monitoring of the flock.
  • Integration of automated systems: To address the high automation requirement, we will equip the broiler cage system with advanced automated features. This includes an automatic feeding system that delivers feed at regular intervals, ensuring consistent and timely feeding for the chickens. Additionally, an automatic drinking water system will be installed to provide constant access to clean water. A manure removal system with a flat belt conveyor will be incorporated to efficiently remove waste and maintain cleanliness. Lastly, an automatic environmental control system will regulate temperature, humidity, and ventilation parameters, creating an optimal climate inside the chicken house.

By implementing this comprehensive solution, our customer will experience increased operational efficiency, reduced labor requirements, and improved ease of operation. What’s more, our team will provide detailed training on how to operate and maintain the equipment. It ensures a smooth transition into broiler cage farming. We are committed to supporting our customer throughout the process to maximize their success in broiler chicken production.

Feedback: Satisfied on our Broiler Battery Cages

We are thrilled to share a satisfied review from a customer who has utilized our broiler cages for their poultry farming operation. Here is an excerpt from their feedback:

“I am extremely pleased with the broiler cages provided by LIVI. The high level of automation and user-friendly design have greatly improved my farming experience. As a first-time user of broiler cage equipment, I was initially hesitant, but the comprehensive training and support from the team made the transition seamless. The automatic feeding and drinking systems have significantly reduced my workload, and the chickens are thriving in the comfortable and well-ventilated environment. I highly recommend these broiler cages to fellow farmers looking for efficient and easy-to-use solutions.”


This testimonial showcases the positive impact our broiler cages have had on the customer’s farming operation. In conclusion, we strive to provide top-quality products that meet the demands of automation and ease of operation, ensuring customer satisfaction and successful outcomes in poultry farming. What’s more, we value this feedback and continuously work to enhance our offerings, delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


LIVI are committed to providing reliable products and comprehensive support to ensure customer success in broiler chicken farming.

As we continue to receive feedback from customers, we use it to further enhance our offerings and stay at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Our goal is to consistently exceed customer expectations and contribute to the sustainable growth of poultry farming operations.

If you have any further questions or would like to explore our broiler cage solutions in more detail, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your goals in broiler chicken farming.