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10,000 Egg Layers Modern Poultry Equipment in Nigeria

There is a successful story about application of poultry equipment in Nigeria for 10,000 layer hens. Let you experience increased productivity, reduced costs and a competitive edge.

LIVI breeding equipment for Nigeria 10,000 egg layers

LIVI Machinery is one of the leading poultry equipment supplier in China. It has entered into business relations with poultry farmers above the world. In Nigeria, LIVI has assisted several poultry farmers there start their poultry journey.

One of the Nigeria poultry farmers contact us, expresses that he want to begin his poultry farming business with 10,000 egg layers. We think he is very forward-looking to dive in poultry industry. According to his specific needs and capital, we serious discuss the list of equipment his chicken house need.

In consideration of he lack of experience in poultry equipment, we recommend A type layer chicken battery cage system for him. A type layer chicken battery cage is friendly to beginner, it is easy to handle, low-cost, space-saving and can improve productivity at some extent.

List of poultry equipment for Nigerian customer:

Product NameLayer chicken battery cage system
Sizes Available1950mm*450mm*410mm
Area of per Chicken:172cm2
Tier4 tiers
Door5 doors
Rearing Quantity / Set160birds
MaterialInternational Q235 steel.
Anti-corrosion treatment processHot-dip galvanized
CertificateISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, SONCAP, PVOC
Life Time15 – 20 Years

Chicken cage layout: 2 rows/house, 32 units/row, 64 units/house

Total capacity of one chicken house: 10240 birds/house

Automatic feeding system: 2 sets ladder type feeding machine, 1 set control 1 row

poultry equipment in Nigeria

how Modern Equipment Increases Productivity and Reduces Costs

  1. Simplify operations: With the advent of modern equipment, farmers are now able to simplify operations and get more done in less time. For example, automatic feeding and water systems ensure your chickens are nourished and hydrated without constant human intervention. And can allow you to focus on other important aspects of poultry farming. By automating everyday tasks, you can optimize your time and energy, thereby increasing productivity.
  2. Enhanced animal health and welfare: Modern equipment plays a key role in maintaining optimal animal health and welfare. For example, climate control systems allow farmers to adjust temperature, humidity and ventilation to create a comfortable environment for birds. By ensuring your birds are stress-free and comfortable, you can minimize the risk of disease and maximize their growth potential. In the long run, this reduces veterinary bills and improves overall profitability.
  3. Increased efficiency and precision: Precision is key in poultry farming and modern equipment has revolutionized the precision game. From automated egg collection systems that gently collect eggs without any cracks or damage, to automated hatcheries that monitor and maintain ideal incubation conditions, technology has increased the efficiency and accuracy of various farming processes. By reducing human error, modern equipment helps optimize production, resulting in higher yields and lower costs.
  4. Reduced Labor Costs: Labor costs are an important factor in any farming operation, and poultry farming is no exception. With modern equipment, farmers can greatly reduce labor expenses. For example, a robotic system for cleaning and sanitizing poultry houses can efficiently handle tasks that would otherwise require multiple workers. Additionally, automated egg grading and sorting machines eliminate the need for manual sorting, saving time and reducing labor costs. By employing modern equipment, farmers can allocate human resources more strategically, focusing on activities that require hands-on attention and expertise.
battery cage for sale in Nigeria
Ladder type feeding machine

In the ever-evolving world of poultry farming, the integration of modern equipment has been a game changer, increasing productivity and reducing costs. LIVI Machinery modern technology can take your poultry farm to new heights.