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Drip cup nipple drinker

Material: PP

Size: 36cm * 23cm * 28cm (L * W * H)

Capacity: 12L

Weight: 0.75kg

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Full Data

This chicken automatic drinking system depressure tank is used to regulate and stabilize the pressure, ensuring the proper amount water in the pipe at any given time.
Product Features:
1. High-density polyethylene material, non-toxic, odorless, high temperature resistance, high compressive strength and durable.
2. Water inlet in the side is connected to an inner wire connector, the other end can connect 3/4'' (outside Dia25cm) PVC pipe.
3. Water outlet in the bottom should connect to 3/4'' pipe (Dia25mm), or can be accessed to any tees according to their needs.
4. Scientific design, simple structure, easy to install and disassemble. 

Technical Data

Material: PP
Size: 36cm * 23cm * 28cm (L * W * H)
Capacity: 12L
Weight: 0.75kg


Used for chickens, rabbits, pigeons and other animals drinking water line pressure control.




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