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Choose the best battery chicken cage of poultry equipment for your farming business

LIVI Machinery is a professional supplier and manufacturer of automatic poultry farming equipment. We are an equipment poultry cage system suitable for laying hens, broilers and brooding chickens (layer cages for sale, broiler cages, brooding cages).

Our company’s equipment can provide high-quality living conditions for poultry. And help poultry farmers to effectively improve the management of poultry developed to increase egg production and poultry meat.

We provide a series of products of different sizes to optimize the available chicken house space, allowing you to raise more poultry on the same land area. In addition, the battery design considers good internal ventilation and breeding density.



We supply a full set of fully automatic layer farm equipment to poultry farmers around the world, including battery chicken cages, automatic feeders, chicken drinkers, manure removal systems, closed environmental control systems, egg collectors, egg grading machines and egg cleaning machine.

Our A-type automatic battery cage system is deeply loved by the majority of farmers. Named because of its A-shaped structure. Compared with the H-type, it covers a larger area. The 3-layer and 4-layer layer cages are use more, and it is suitable for small and medium-sized poultry farms. The degree of automation can be freely selecte by the farmers. The H type layer cages can reach up to 8 floors. And the space utilization rate of the chicken house is higher. But each floor needs a manure removal belt. While the A type chicken cage only needs a manure removal belt at the bottom.

Our company’s LIVI machinery has more than 20 years of experience in the production and sales of poultry breeding equipment, and has withstood the test of extensive use. With high-quality equipment and service, we has won customer satisfaction.