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Precautions for automatic breeding equipment

With the development of technology, automatic breeding equipment is now appearing in modern chicken farms. In order to allow the equipment to work safely and efficiently, the following three issues need to be paid attention to during operation:

First of all, farmers must have a clear understanding of the working principles of raising equipment. For example, it is known that the automatic layer feeding system uses a chain drive to work. This requires farmers to frequently observe whether the chain and sprocket are normal, whether they are loose or rusty. Only in the case of good performance in the equipment can it work better together.

Second, all chicken raising equipment is powered by electricity. When feeding chickens, the electricity is in a high-speed motion state when feeding. Therefore, the farmers must check the aging of the motor belt before the equipment is started and after the shutdown. This can avoid accidents: burning the motor. Farmers also need to maintain the motor regularly and pay attention to the working status of the reducer.

Third, a large amount of dust will accumulate in the control box of the automatic feeder. If things go on like this, the internal circuit will be short-circuited due to dust, leading to damage to electrical circuits and other parts. So clean up the dust in the control box every once in a while.

Fourth, farmers need to check before starting various breeding equipment. For example, check whether there are obstacles on the track, and check whether the screws on each device are loose. Doing so can avoid equipment derailment and deviation from happening.

The above are the precautions for using fully automatic poultry farm equipment. I hope it can help chicken farmers to make breeding equipment a good helper for breeding friends and promote the rapid development of the breeding industry.