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How to maintain automatic layer equipment?

Many farmers don't know where to get layer equipment in ghana.However, farmers who want to develop large-scale breeding cannot do without fully automatic layer breeding equipment. Nowadays, chicken farming equipment is very mechanized and can be used for a long time. Therefore, the equipment should regularly maintained and maintained.


1. Automatic feeder: When using the feeder, pay attention to it, and no things can be placed on the feeder. Otherwise, it may cause the motor to bear excessive pressure and burn the motor. When using the feeder, ensure that the chain and gear have a certain degree of lubrication. Otherwise, lack of lubrication will damage the machine, so pay attention to regular inspections. The feeder transports feed mainly by leather belts. Therefore, farmers should regularly check whether the belt is in good condition and the tightness is appropriate. The control box of the feeder should cleaned regularly by farmers.



2. Automatic egg picker: farmers should learn the correct operation of the equipment when using the fully automatic egg picker. If used improperly, it will easily cause damage to the equipment. When using the egg picker, we must pay attention to frequent disinfection. Because the equipment will inevitably leave some chicken manure, chicken feathers and other things with germs in the process of use. If you have been using equipment that carries germs and is not frequently cleaned. The quality of eggs will decrease.


3. Automatic manure cleaning machine: after the farmers have used the manure cleaning machine for a period of time. The manure removal belt will be prolonged and loosened. If this phenomenon occurs, the farmers should cut off a section and re-weld.


The above are the main points on how to maintain the equipment. I hope that farmers in Ghana can learn more. Maintain your own breeding equipment.