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Livi Machinery is one of the outstanding poultry chicken farming equipment supplier in China. We mainly provide customers with high-quality poultry cage system: layer hen cages, broiler battery cagespullet cages, and breeding chicken cages. Poultry chicken cages are mainly divided into ladder type and stacked type to meet the different breeding requirements of customers. The chicken cage mesh mainly uses Q235 international steel, which is strong and durable. The poultry chicken battery cage system has a unique cage door design, and the chicken has a large space for movement, so the chicken's feeding position can be changed arbitrarily, which not only solves the problem of chicken crowding, but also ensures that the chicken's feed intake is even. Using the hot-dip galvanizing process, the chicken cage can last for more than 15 years.



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Livi produces a wide range of poultry chicken breeding equipment, including chicken battery cages, automatic egg collection systems, automatic manure removal systems, automatic feeding systems, automatic drinking water systems, and automatic ventilation systems. The use of these automatic equipment systems allows farmers to raise more chickens. Our products strictly implement a quality management system from raw materials to finished products. Regardless of whether your farming volume is large or small, we can find suitable poultry farming equipment for you, and we can also customize products according to your needs.



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About the construction of hen house and farm

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LIVI Machinery is an excellent poultry farming equipment supplier in China

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